Recommended Reads Week 7

Stefan Birk

Gerne lassen wir die gute Gewohnheit wöchentlicher Lese-Empfehlungen wiederaufleben. Heute zwei Artikel zum Thema "Wearables" in der Arbeitswelt. Ein Thema, das noch ganz am Anfang steht und trotzdem schon eine durchaus kontroverse Debatte auslöst. Hier zwei eher optimistische Stimmen.


Wearables in the Workplace and Their Impact on How We Work


In this episode of the podcast Jacob Morgan speaks with Paul Daugherty (CTO) and Brent Blum (Wearable Technology Practice Lead) at Accenture. Paul and Brent share their perspectives on current uses of wearables in the workplace and share some great examples.

This Startup Thinks Your Workplace Needs Wearable Walkie-Talkies


Robbins, OnBeep’s founder and CEO, sees the device being used by business teams—event planners, construction workers, or restaurant staff. The question is whether people really want such wearables. Others have argued that the workplace is the most natural fit for wearable tech.